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Jun 11 '13

Private Photos!!!! ;-)

If you clicked the Read More button expecting to actually see private photos of Aliya then, SHAME ON YOU!!!! 

I have a bone to pick with the hypocrites in this fandom. A lot of you ruthlessly criticise only a select number of people who post “private” photos of Aliya, saying that it is invasion of her privacy, we don’t respect her wishes or we are creating drama, when a lot of users here in tumblr do that on almost a daily basis. I find it funny that the same people who have so much to say about these privacy issues are the same people who constantly like, reblog or comment on the random photos nabbed from Aliya’s VK fan site (which 80% of the time were leaked from her actual Private IG account by the Russian fans) and re-posted here.

What is the actual definition of a private photo anyway? Is it limited to the ones she posts on her IG or any photo that has nothing to do with her gymnastics? Well, if it’s the latter then I’d say that 99% of this fandom has violated her privacy just by liking, re-blogging or commenting on every single public VK profile picture, leaked private IG or public IG (posted by her friends) photos of her.  It doesn’t matter if Aliya was just posing for a selfie, kissing her boyfriend, having a barbecue with her friends, hugging her sister or having a night out in a bar with her friends, those are all private photos!!! I am not claiming that I have never posted, liked, commented any private photos because I have, but I am not one to criticise others who posts such pics. 

A further note on the contents of private photos, I don’t understand why some people are obsessed and offended about Aliya being photographed in a bar, it’s not like it’s the first time it happened. Just to clarify, nowhere in the pics I posted was Aliya photographed smoking or drinking. Also, Aliya is a free person, she can do whatever she wants to do regardless if her fans agree to it or not; if you have a problem with how she behaves outside the gym then you should reconsider if you wanna continue supporting her or not.  Don’t be naive and think that a vibrant young lady like her will not try to drink alcohol or smoke a few cigarettes, especially when it is culturally acceptable in the country that she lives in. Furthermore, Aliya knowingly posed for those bar photos and allowed her friend to upload them in a public IG account, if she really gave a shit on what people will think about her being on a bar she would’ve asked her friend not to upload the photos or at least take them down right (those photos are still up on IG btw)?   Those photos would’ve leaked onto tumblr no matter what, it was only a the question of when and who would’ve posted them. I wonder if some other tumblr user had posted those photos before I did, would the backlash have been as severe or would people just turn the other cheek and did what they usually do (comment, like, re-blog). :-/

My challenge to you all is this: Only like, comment and re-blog Aliya’s photos if:

  1. She is wearing a leotard and is in competition
  2. Wearing her training gear and training in the gym
  3. Wearing the national team warm up jackets/ pants
  4. Photos of official appearances
  5. Photos from news publications

That’s the true nature of respecting her privacy, if you can’t do any of those, then don’t be a hypocrite. 

Rant over! 

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